Limited edition giclée prints of
exquisite paintings

A painting by the fine artist Jorge Garcia, is featured on the november cover of Sports Car Market magazine - his second cover in the last year! Entitled Auburn in Autumn, it portrays a beautiful Auburn Boattail Speedster 1929 in the splendor of fall. (his previous cover was Competing Models, upper left, with 1934 Packard).
Both these and five other pieces of his exquisite artwork are now available as signed, limited edition giclée prints, exclusively from
Car Art Inc. in the
Jorge Garcia Gallery


and Raikkonen

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The pictures he loves
Jorge have many pictures that he was keeping through the time. Here he shows us some of them he specially loves.


Michael Schumacher receiving from Jose Froilan Gonzalez a painting of Jorge Garcia for his five Championships (sponsored by Fox Channel, Bridgestone and Shell) - Monza, Italy 2002.
Jorge admired too much Juan Manuel Fangio, probably the best driver in the history of competition cars. Juan enjoyed Jorge's paintings and brought some of them to his Museum. With a nice person and a great artist, Ken Dallison, in his second visit to U.S.A. invited for the AFAS at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 1997.
Jorge Garcia won an Award of Excellence in the Meadow Brook Hall Exhibition in 2002. Here with the prize in his stand. Bill Motta receiving his GOLD MEDAL in SILA "Illustration West 25" by hand of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles for his Cadillac cutaway appeared in Road & Track. Jorge Garcia sign posters with another 13 artists ( here with Tom Hale) in the Meadow Brook Concours Art Invitational Exhibition. These year Barry Rowe made a beautiful painting.
His friend and great artist Juan C. Ferrigno ( here with Roy Salvadori) receiving his 2nd prize for the painting of Ferrari in the Int. Motoring Art, London 2001 (The photo was taken for Derek Bell). Here with Francois Bruere, time before of the Auction in Meadow Brook Hall Concours d'Elegance 2002. 14 fine artists has been invited to participate in the 2002 Meadow Brook Hall. The reception was place at the Somerset North Grand Court. The picture shows the Jorge's stand.